“Technology Is a Huge Social Experiment on Children”

“These companies lied to the schools, and they’re lying to the parents. We’re all getting duped.”

A New York Times report highlighted that Silicon Valley tech elites are keeping digital devices out of the schools of their children. Tucker Carlson said on Monday they’re doing so because they know that “screens are poison.”

Author and psychotherapist Tom Kersting said on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the idea that digital devices will benefit students has now proven to be “absolutely false.”

According to Dr. Kersting, tech in the classroom is affecting kids’ emotions, contributing to anxiety, depression and suicide.

Natasha Burgert a pediatrician in Kansas City, weighed in on the matter; “Our kids, my kids included, we are subjecting them to one of the biggest social experiments we have seen in a long time; what happens to my daughter if she can’t communicate over dinner — how is she going to find a spouse? How is she going to interview for a job?”

“I have families now that go teetotal,” Dr. Burgert said. “They’re like, ‘That’s it, we’re done.’”

Rachael Brownsberger is one of those parents who did just that, banning her children from smart phones, the internet, and even television. “We took it down, we took the TV off the wall, and I canceled cable,” said Brownsberger, 34, the mother of 11- and 8-year old boys.  When one of her children requested a series of gadgets for Christmas, she replied, “Kiddo, you’re not gonna get one of those things–yeah, I’m the mean mom.”

“Stopping a Beating Heart is Never Healthcare”

a baby in the womb has her own unique DNA, her own unique heartbeat, is her own unique person.

Bill Bans Abortions on Babies with Beating Hearts:


“If the bill is signed into law by Governor Kim Reynolds, Iowa would be the first state to recognize what science already affirms: a baby in the womb has her own unique DNA, her own unique heartbeat, is her own unique person.” -Bob Vander Plaats

Dems boo family of butchered girls.

angel family“I was totally appalled watching the State of the Union when the Democrats booed the families of the two girls who were raped and murdered by members of MS-13,” said Hartzell. “If they truly feel that they’re Americans and they represent Americans, then I’m sad to say I’m an American because I was completely appalled that they would boo those family members. Completely and totally inexcusable.”



Liberals call Trump obese.

Despite being given a bill of perfect health, after submitting to a physical,
liberals are insisting he is obese, and not as fit as his predecessor, Barak Obama
This is the same bunch of people now obsessed claiming Trump is dangerously overweight, the same people that want Oprah to be president. …Rush Limbaugh

Pennsylvania governor vetoes bill that would save 380 babies a year from abortion

“It’s hard for me to comprehend children being intentionally ripped apart — literally — in the womb while our finest Children’s Hospitals are providing anesthesia and life-saving surgeries to babies in the womb,” PFI Chief Counsel Randall Wenger said.

PHILADELPHIA, December 19, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoed a bipartisan bill yesterday that aimed at protecting preborn babies from late-term and dismemberment abortion.

The Democrat Governor promised to veto Senate Bill 3, which passed the state House 121-70 last week and passed the Senate 32-18 in February.  While Republicans hold a majority, many Democrats voted for the legislation.

Local pro-life groups expressed outrage over the Governor’s veto.

“Every day in Pennsylvania, a baby is killed in a late-term abortion. Every day, four babies are killed by dismemberment abortion in Pennsylvania,” Pennsylvania Family Institute President Michael Geer told LifeSiteNews. “Governor Wolf, with his veto pen against Senate Bill 3, is proud to let these extreme abortions continue.”

The bill would have stopped late-term abortions, banning them after 20 weeks gestation, which is when science has established that preborn babies experience pain.

“Currently, the United States is one of only seven nations that permits elective abortions past 20 weeks, putting us in the company of human-rights violators North Korea and China,” Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI) stated in a press release noted.

Bill sponsor Sen. Michelle Brooks reasoned that advances in technology make babies viable before 24 weeks, so laws must catch up.

The bill also would have prohibited dismemberment abortions (“dilation and evacuation,” or “D&E”), where the abortionist must tear the baby apart in the womb to evacuate the baby. The legislation defines the procedure as “causing the death of an unborn child by…extracting the unborn child one piece at a time from the uterus through the use of clamps, grasping forceps, tongs, scissors or similar instruments.”

“I find it radical and cruel for the governor to protect someone on death row who has raped and murdered women, but not protect the life of an innocent baby,” the pro-life champion added.

“Governor Tom Wolf is allowing the inhumane practice of dismemberment abortion to continue,” Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation’s Michael Ciccocioppo stated. “No living child should have to endure being ripped limb by limb from a mother’s womb, and no mother should have to endure the emotional pain of losing a child in such a brutal manner.”

Brooks explained her bill did not ban dismemberment abortions, but required the baby to be killed by some other means first, such as a “saline (injection) to cause its death before its arms and legs are ripped off.”

“Currently in Pennsylvania, a live, six-month-old fetus can be ripped apart and left to bleed to death,” Brooks said. “The people who say this legislation is ‘radical’ and ‘cruel’ are the same people who believe it is acceptable to tear the arms and legs off a six-month baby in utero. That’s cruel and radical.”


Supporters of the bill say that if enacted, the legislation would have saved at least 380 children a year from abortion. This is the number of abortions committed on preborn babies between 21-23 weeks gestation in 2015, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PDOH). The PDOH reported 1,588 dismemberment abortions in 2015.

The bill was not flawless, allowing abortion in the case of a mother’s life or health. Medical experts have stated that saving a mother’s life never requires the direct and intentional killing of her unborn child.

The governor defended his veto.

“SB3 is a vile assault on women’s ability to make their own decisions about their own health care,” Wolf told the press at Philadelphia City Hall. “SB3 is an attack on women. It’s an attack on their health, their freedoms, their choice, their liberties.”

Calling it “the most extreme anti-choice legislation in the country,” Wolf said, “This legislation is an attempt to criminalize the decisions that women make about their own health care, and this legislation destroys health care options for victims of the horrors of rape and incest. For these reasons, I am vetoing this bill today.”

Pro-life legislators’ only remaining option is to garner enough votes to override Gov. Wolf’s veto, but that would take convincing many who voted against it to change their minds.  A two-thirds override requirement means the Senate would need one more vote than in February (33) and the House would need 15 more votes (136).

Contact  the governor here, and tell him not to support the murder of innocent children. Make your voice heard!


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Officer saves baby by promising adoption

“I just felt God telling me, ‘Tell her that you will do it because you can.'” -Officer Ryan Holets

(Albuquerque, NM) Police officers sometimes go above and beyond in the line of duty, and Officer Ryan Holets is no exception. (Screengrab: Officer Ryan Holets holds Hope/via CNN.com)

Holets went the ‘extra mile’ during the investigation of a theft at a convenience store. According to a Fox News report, he walked behind the store and found there a woman about to shoot up with heroin—she told him she was “seven or eight months pregnant.”

Officer Holets began talking with 35-year-old Crystal Champ, who reportedly lives in a tent near a New Mexico highway and has battled addictions for the better part of her life.

“You’re going to kill your baby,” Holets told her—the conversation recorded on his body cam.

Later on, in an interview with CNN, Officer Holets explained, “It’s not every day I see a sight like that, it just made me really sad.”

He added, “I got so tired of seeing so many situations that I want to help, but can’t. But in that moment I realized I had a chance to help.” (Screengrab: Crystal Champ/via CNN.com)

Crystal had wanted someone to adopt her baby, and Officer Holets stepped up.

“I just felt God telling me, ‘Tell her that you will do it because you can,'” he said in the CNN interview.

According to the Fox News report, Holets—after speaking with Crystal—drove directly to his wife, who was “totally onboard” with his life-changing decision.

“He already knew my heart on the issue” she told CNN. The couple already had four children but had reportedly discussed adopting another possibly later on.

It was only three weeks later that Crystal gave birth and Officer Holets and his wife Rebecca became the adoptive parents of a little baby girl, “Hope.” (Photo: Baby Hope/CNN.com)

Due to Crystal’s drug use, Hope was born “addicted to opioids,” a condition called neonatal abstinence syndrome, according to the Fox News report.

The couple says they will tell Hope about her adoption when the time is right, reports Yahoo News.

Crystal says, “I just want her to be safe and secure and be in a family and be loved and have a chance.”

Watch the CNN video report here.